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How you feel matters!

Are you struggling to get through the day without multiple cups of coffee?

Do you have a hard time keeping up with your kids or even daily tasks and feel like you just need a nap?

If you have been told that all your labs look "normal" and "there's nothing wrong with you", it's time to dig deeper into you own health and take control.


Your health is important to you and finding out why you're feeling stagnant or burnt out is important to me.

Each potential client must schedule a Discovery Call prior to purchasing a package. I'd love to get to know you and I'm sure you have questions for me too!

I help Christian women put down that second cup of coffee and regain their energy so they can tackle their day without needing a nap


I struggled with fatigue for  YEARS before even realizing that I was. I fell asleep during movies, during family gatherings, and while my kids were at school. I just never had the energy to play with them and the shame I felt was immense.

It wasn't just not being able to keep up with my kids, it was feeling like I couldn't accomplish what needed to be done every day. Struggling to have enough energy to cook, to exercise, to focus on my business...

It wasn't until I looked into functional lab testing and saw my own results that I learned ways to help support my own health and get my energy back!

As a FDN-P, I don't look at labs the way your doctor does. I do not diagnose anything! We use functional lab testing, along with how you actually feel to apply wellness principles in a self-care model, so you are completely in control of your own health.

Maybe you're not struggling with fatigue and just need some basic coaching on nutrition and lifestyle modifications you can make to improve your health, or maybe you don't know what you need.

That's ok! I would love to chat with you and see where you're at and where we could go. A 20-minute discovery call is no pressure, no obligation, and totally free. It is an opportunity to find out if working together would benefit you. 

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           $595                          $1295                Now in Beta Testing!

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