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Meet Sheree

Hi there!

My name is Sheree Wujtewicz, Certified FDN Practitioner and AFPA Certified Holistic Nutritionist. I grew up eating the standard American diet (SAD) until becoming a vegetarian in high school. That didn’t make me health conscious though. In fact, I was very much a “junk food vegetarian”. As you can imagine, I wasn’t the picture of health.

I didn’t start connecting the dots between food and health until I had my first child. At 6 weeks old she was suddenly covered in eczema. I asked her doctor for help to find out what was causing it. I was handed a prescription. I wanted some type of testing done to see if there was something she was exposed to that was causing he. I was ignored. My intuition told me that there had to be another way. I started to really focus on what we were eating, what we were cleaning with, and even what soaps and lotions we were using. I was going off my gut instincts as to what made sense and what didn’t.

That was in 2006. It has been a long journey and it brought me to a strong desire to learn more and get more answers. In 2018 I decided this was something I wanted to truly focus on and share with others. I started down a journey of becoming a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, then a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and even a Certified Weight Management Specialist. All of that was great, but I knew something was still missing. Diet alone does not always help!

It was then I found Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and learned so much more about myself and about health in general. I discovered that until you know how your body is actually functioning through use of the RIGHT kinds of tests, you will just be running through trial and error over and over. Even though I was very conscious about buying food and products labeled "organic" or "natural", or even after completely switching gears to a mostly whole foods diet, I still had underlying issues that the cleanest diet wasn't going to address.

This is the missing link. It's not just about find the "perfect" diet, it's about finding the health-building opportunities that testing can direct you to. It's about helping yourself or your family heal.  It's about diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and smart supplementation.


My my goal now is to help others dive deeper into their own health and pick a new path. A path to feeling energetic and renewed. 

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If you're tired of trying to figure it out on your own, I want to help you find a way forward. My focus is on a whole food, organic diet, proper rest, sufficient exercise, removing stressors, and specific supplementation. I want to help you to feel confident you are listening to your own body, helping your family, and making healthy choices. Together, we can make goals and a plan to reach them. I believe God has so much more for us than weight struggles and the lifestyle diseases that are so common in our world!


I look forward to meeting you!

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