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Meet Sheree

Hi there!

My name is Sheree Wujtewicz, Certified FDN Practitioner and AFPA Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, and Weight Management Specialist. I grew up eating the standard American diet (SAD) until becoming a vegetarian in high school. That didn’t make me health conscious though. In fact, I was very much a “junk food vegetarian”. As you can imagine, I wasn’t the picture of health.

I didn’t start connecting the dots between food and health until I had my first child. I suddenly started becoming more and more aware of what we were eating, what we were cleaning with, and even what soaps and lotions we were using. I was going off my gut instincts as to what made sense and what didn’t.

That was in 2006. It has been a long journey and it brought me to a strong desire to learn more. In 2018 I decided this was something I wanted to truly focus on and share with others. Through my education, not only have I learned how to help others, but I've also learned so much about myself.

It was then I found out so much more about myself and about health in general. I learned that even though I was very conscious about buying food and products labeled "organic" or "natural", or even after completely switching gears to a mostly whole foods diet, I still had underlying issues that the cleanest diet wasn't going to clear up. Who knew my hormones were tanked, my gut was a mess, and I was putting too much stress on my body?? Functional lab testing revealed what I had been trying to convince myself didn't exist for years!


My my goal now is to help others dive deeper into their own health and pick a new path. A path to feeling energetic and renewed. 

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If you feel lost in a world of quick-fix diets, confusing and restrictive plans, and a never-ending sea of supplement options, I want to help you find a way forward. My focus is on a whole food, organic diet, proper rest, sufficient exercise, removing stressors, and specific supplementation. I want to help you to feel confident you are listening to your own body and making healthy choices. Together, we can make goals and a plan to reach them. I believe God has so much more for us than weight struggles and the lifestyle diseases that are so common in our world!


I look forward to meeting you!

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